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Terneftegaz Jsc operates a very transparent services in petroleum business in terms of capacities and volumes of oil refining. In recent years, the Company's refining activities have been focused on meeting the market demand for quality petroleum products. Over a number of years, Terneftegaz Jsc has been consistently implementing the modernization program for Russian refineries, which has improved the quality of its products and increased its competitiveness. Terneftegaz Jsc has been implementing a policy aimed at ensuring a required balance of crude monetization channels, including crude oil processing at its own refining facilities in Russia and Germany, export sales under long-term and tender-based spot contracts, and domestic sales. The Company is monitoring the economic effectiveness of crude monetization channels on an ongoing basis, as a result and provides for timely response to changes in the market environment. The core of young and energetic team of Terneftegaz Jsc is a number of highly-qualified employees who came to the company from oil refining industry, having a considerable experience in the spheres of trading, logistics and finance. Terneftegaz Jsc is open for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation service provider.

This is the most ambitious program for the modernization of oil refining capacities in the Russian oil industry, which includes the fulfillment of the Company's obligations under the quadripartite agreement. Within this program, the plant switched to 100% production of motor fuels of the Euro 5 class for the Russian domestic market, as required by the Technical Regulations.

Oil & Gas Drilling
Terneftegaz Jsc services are best drill rig is one that’s dependable, easy to use, and versatile, our team is committed to delivering unparalleled products.
Oil Resources
The sevices performance is backed by our history of excellence, Distinguished service. And we have good reservoir engineering consultants crude oil reserves.
Terneftegaz Jsc is a leading company services for crude oil and gas production, and their refinement into petroleum products and petrochemicals. Every day millions of people all over the world buy our products.

Terneftegaz Jsc at a glance

Is oil sector and the largest global public oil and gas corporation. Kulushevneft Refinery Oil Company is focused on exploration and appraisal of hydrocarbon fields, production of oil, gas and gas condensate, offshore field development projects, feedstock processing, sales of oil, gas and refined products in the territory of Russia and abroad.
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JSC Terneftegas hereby warns everyone against any dishonest market players who are trying to sell petroleum products by sending out illegal (fake) offers via the Internet or e-mail on behalf of Terneftegas or its joint ventured companies.

Please note that the Terneftegas and its joint ventured send their e-mails only from their corporate servers and never use public e-mail domains, only otherwise if our company confirms validity of project direct with our office administration (info@terneftegas.ru), in concern to related intermediates or our legal mandates. We never require future contracts be registered with any ministries or governmental agencies of the Russian Federation because there is no such legal requirement in the Russian law.

There have been a growing number of fake Internet sites recently, posting job offers on behalf of Terneftegas and asking job seekers to send paid SMS messages to some short numbers for details. We must warn you: never send any SMS messages to get information about employment opportunities at the Terneftegas, or you will lose your money to fraudsters. Please note that job opportunities at Terneftegas and Joint Ventured companies are posted only at their official web sites or at www.superjob.ru. Access to this site is always free of charge for any applicants. JSC Terneftegas reserves the right to take legal actions to stop fraudulent activities conducted by dishonest market players.